Self planting of Spiritual Roots: Chinese Philosophy and Chinese in the World

This lively volume, as Chenyang Li and Hong Xiao note in their foreword, contributes to the relation between Chinese diaspora experience and Chinese Philosophy, and it raises and explores important pertinent questions. These questions are crucial for both overseas Chinese and Chinese Philosophy. In the current world, it is still a question to be pondered how to s ettle down for overseas Chinese. The rise of China is accompanied by the globalization of Chinese people and Chinese Culture. What is the relationship between Chinese culture and overseas Chinese under the trend of China’s globalization? What role does ove rseas Chinese play in the globalization of Chinese philosophy and Chinese Culture? What kind of spiritual resources can Chinese who migrate across the world get from Chinese Philosophy? How to rethink the significance and status of Chinese philosophy in th e process of rapid transmission of global culture? How should Chinese Philosophers study and teach Chinese philosophy in a foreign context with the West as the mainstream? Recognizing that overseas Chinese and Chinese Philosophy are vast and diverse subjec ts, authors of the eleven essays collected here give us specific cases and issues to savor and contemplate.


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