Two-component quantum Hall effects in topological flat bands

Here in this paper, we study quantum Hall states for two-component particles (hardcore bosons and fermions) loading in topological lattice models. By tuning the interplay of interspecies and intraspecies interactions, we demonstrate that two-component fractional quantum Hall states emerge at certain fractional filling factors ν = 1/2 for fermions (ν = 2/3 for bosons) in the lowest Chern band, classified by features from ground states including the unique Chern number matrix (inverse of the K matrix), the fractional charge and spin pumpings, and two parallel propagating edge modes. Moreover, we also apply our strategy to two-component fermions at integer filling factor ν = 2 , where a possible topological Neel antiferromagnetic phase is under intense debate very recently. For the typical π -flux checkerboard lattice, by tuning the onsite Hubbard repulsion, we establish a first-order phase transition directly from a two-component fermionic ν = 2 quantum Hall state at weak interaction to a topologically trivial antiferromagnetic insulator at strong interaction, and therefore exclude the possibility of an intermediate topological phase for our system.