Universal religion of Vivekananda: a way out of religious dissension

Religion is an important constituent of human culture and values. But it plays an ambivalent role in our lives and society. Though its core business is to build, sustain and promote peace and love throughout the globe, it can by deviation be a powerful source of violence. According to Vivekananda, the attitude of ‘exclusive right to live’ of different world religions gives birth to violence. He believes that though religions are divergent in various aspects, they are not contradictory, rather supplementary to each other. He defines religion as the realization of divinity within us and asserts that the main goal of all religions is to realize such divinity and this realization is the one universal religion. So, the key concept of universal religion is to love man is to love God. Hence, universal religion propounded by him deserves great importance and may be an ideal way out of religious dissension as it accepts all cultures, all views, all ways through which man quests the ultimate truth which is one without second.


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