WASP-24 b: a new transiting close-in hot Jupiter orbiting a late F-star

We report the discovery of a new transiting close-in giant planet, WASP-24 b, in a 2.341 day orbit, 0.037 AU from its F8-9 type host star. By matching the star�s spectrum with theoretical models, we infer an effective temperature Teff =6075�100 K and a surface gravity of log g =4.15�0.10. A comparison of these parameters with theoretical isochrones and evolutionary mass tracks places only weak constraints on the age of the host star, which we estimate to be 3.8+1.3 ?1.2 Gyr. The planetary nature of the companion was confirmed by radial velocity measurements and additional photometric observations. These data were fit simultaneously in order to determine the most probable parameter set for the system, from which we infer a planetary mass of 1.071+0.036 ?0.038 MJup and radius 1.3+0.039 ?0.037 RJup.