Confirmatory Factor Analysis Of The Career Factors Inventory On A Community College Sample

A confirmatory factor analysis was conducted using AMOS 4.0 to validate the 21- item Career Factors Inventory on a community college student sample. The multidimensional inventory assesses types and levels of career indecision antecedents. The sample consisted of 512 ethnically diverse freshmen students; 46% were men and 54% were women. Participants ranged in age from 16 to 50 (M= 19.3, SD= 3.43). Goodness-of-fit statistics revealed that a minor revision of the four-factor structure proposed by Chartrand and Robbins fit the data, whereas the original model did not. The revision entailed dropping one item while retaining the four factors. Item loadings ranged from .44 to .89; factor intercorrelations ranged from .20 to .80. The internal consistency for the subscales ranged from .77 to .86 and .87 for the total inventory.