EyeRemember: Memory aid app for Google Glass

Changes in memory are one of the most frequently reported cognitive deficits among people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and are one of the factors with the greatest impact on independence and quality of life following injury. Evidence supports the use of external aids in the treatment of memory impairments in adults following TBI. This article describes the development and initial user-testing of a mobile app designed to run on Google Glass to serve as an external memory aid for people recovering from and living with TBI. The app works in conjunction with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons, small transmitters about the size of an automobile key fob, that are carried by friends and family of the person with TBI. Results from this research and development effort show considerable receptivity on the part of individuals with TBI, their family and therapists for a Glass-based memory aid using Bluetooth beacons. Continued development of the Glass platform and beacon technology is needed to support easier adoption and use. Knowledge and experience gained throughout the research will inform development of future accessible wearable technologies and apps.

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