Conference program

7th Annual Environmental and Occupational Health Technical Symposium 2012: Regulating Environmental Pollutants: Perchlorates and Other Thyroid-Active Chemicals

On behalf of the Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) alumni, faculty, and students of California State University Northridge, and our sponsors, we welcome you to our annual EOH Technical Symposium. We hope that you will find today's program to be of great value. In recent years, alarms have been raised about the potential effects of thyroid-active chemicals in our environment. Proper thyroid function is critical for brain development and pubertal onset early in life and impacts the development of chronic diseases later in life. The thyroid axis governs metabolic rates and a host of other physiologic functions. Our 7th Annual EOH Technical Symposium brings together scientists, physicians, industry professionals, government consultants, and policy experts to consider the issue of thyroid-active chemicals in the environment. A stellar line-up for today's event promises an interesting and informative day. Proceeds from the EOH Technical Symposium are used to promote student educational events, scholarships, and the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. We hope you enjoy today's symposium and will join us for future events.

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