Journal Issue

Sonoma State University NoGap / McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume 2: 2011

Contents: Isolations and Characterization of a Novel Chromium (III)-Binding Revitalization / Jenna Bernard -- The Determination of the Rate of Release of Nitroxyl (HNO) from Various Donor Compounds / Christopher L. Bianco and Tyler A. Chavez -- Writing Computer Program Code to Calibrate an Astronomical Seeing Monitor / Adam J. Dye -- Feminism, Educational Attainment, and the Single Parent / Kristel England -- The Maiden Knight and the Harlot Queen / Wendi Forrestall -- Nocturnal Transpiration (or lack thereof) in the Genus Camellia / Rachel Francis -- The Search for Equality: An Exploration of Gender in Star Trek / Nathanial Garrod -- Behavior in Captive Patas Monkeys after the Introduction of Unfamiliar Females / Kellyne Peterson -- Effect of Harvesting on the Phosphate Removal Efficiency of Channelized Aquatic Scrubbers in a Temperate Climate / Linden Schneider -- Synthesis of a Model Peptide for a Low-Molecular Weight Chromium-Binding Peptide / Bernice Wright -- Adolescent Sexual Behavior and the Correlation with Early Adulthood Relationships / Hope Emry -- Dexamethasone: Its Role in the World of Physical Therapy / Jacqueline Perez