Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Group-Iii Nitrides

Linear and nonlinear [second harmonic generation (SHG)] optical functions of cubic and hexagonal BN, AlN, GaN, and InN have been studied by using the first-principles full-potential linearized augmented plane-wave method. Equilibrium lattice constants are determined from the total-energy minimization method. The calculated spectra of the second-order optical susceptibility show pronounced structures related to the two-photon resonances. In materials with heavy metals there are remarkable contributions from the single-photon transitions. Line shapes of the linear and particularly the nonlinear optical spectra of GaN and InN crystals are very sensitive to the interactions between the conduction bands and metallic d states. Studies of the nonlinear optical susceptibilities in both wurtzite and cubic crystals show high sensitivity of the SHG spectra to the changes of atomic structure. (c) 2 The American Physical Society.