Review, Revise, and (Re)Release: Updating an Information Literacy Tutorial to Embed a Science Information Life Cycle

In 2008, University of California, Irvine (UCI) Libraries launched their first Find Science Information online tutorial. It was an innovative web-based tool, containing not only informative content but also interactive activities, embedded hyperlinked resources, and reflective quizzes, all designed primarily to educate undergraduate science students on the basic components of finding science information. From its inception, the UCI Libraries intended to update the tutorial, ensuring its continued relevance and currency. This article covers the authors' process in evaluating and revising the tutorial, including usability testing and the changes made to the tutorial based on findings. One particular discovery was a need to contextualize the tutorial by more thoroughly addressing the scholarly communication system of the sciences, which led to its being restructured around a science information life cycle model. A literature review and comparison images from the original and revised tutorial are included.