Making an academic career in the postmodern era: what is it to pass, what is it to build, and what is it to bear?

This paper studies academic careers and career-making activities with respect to their main aspects and general pathways. First is an examination of all the requirements an academician has to fulfill in his or her career-making process. Second comes an investigation of all the elements an academician has to develop and build in his or her career structure. The third part focuses on the consequence career-making has for individuals as well as the social system. In light of the analysis presented in the paper, career-making is neither an individual undertaking that builds upon personal willingness, diligence, and initiatives, nor a private pursuit that engenders an autobiography of specialties, positions, honors, tenure, and pride. Instead, it is a social production that serves the dominant authority in established institutions. It creates and reinforces social dominance and ideological hegemony that in the end will overwhelm and overshadow all career-making individuals and their initiatives.