On Cell Membrane Lipid Fluidity and Plant Lectin Agglutinability. A Spin Label Study of Mouse Ascites Tumor Cells

The fluidity of the plasma membrane of Sarcoma 180 mouse ascites tumor cells has been studied in viable cells using fatty acid spin labels. The order parameter was found to vary from 0.61, approximately four carbon bond lengths removed from the membrane surface, to 0.47 approximately eleven bond lengths removed at 22° C and from 0.55 to 0.33 at 37° C. Thus these cells show similar membrane fluidity to that found in other mammalian cells with the exception of human erythrocytes which are less fluid. The concanavalin A mediated agglutinability of Sarcoma 180 cells was altered by the addition of cytochalasin B and the fluidity was found to be the same as in unaltered cells.