Journal issue

Sonoma State University NoGap / McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume 1: 2010

Contents:Weaving through Time: Karuk Basket Weaving Continuity and Revitalization / Carolyn Smith -- Obstacles to Women's Post-Baccalaureate Educational Attainment / Lauren Stavish -- Five Years after Graduation: Undergraduate Cross-Group Friendships and Multi-Cultural Curriculum Predict Current Attitudes and Activities / Ray Parr -- A Krasnosel' Skii-type Theorem Involving P-Superarcs / Chad Griffith -- Hippotherapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy, Evidence for an Effective form of Treatment / Melissa Wood -- Feeding Ecology of the Western Pond Turtle in North Bay Waterways: Determining Trophic Effects in Urbanized Freshwater Ecosystems / Heatherann Brunell and Nazim Bal -- Preschoolers with Behavioral Problems [Challenging Behaviors]: Effectiveness of a Center-Based Intervention / Blair Dub -- Quantitative Differences between Recurring and Non-Recurring Aggressive Fantasies / Julie Johnson -- Do Differences in Need for Structure Predict Observers' Reaction to Forgiveness? / Lev Woolf -- Composition and Production of an "Americana" Quintet Using Digital Technology / Jeff Goodlund -- My Aching Heart:A Look at Women and Heart Disease / Carmen Ward Sullivan -- Killing Listeria: The Effectiveness of Two Antibacterial Peptides / Danelle Reddy -- Seeding the Future: Saving the Vine Hill Manzanita / Tanya Robertson