Information-Lossless Space-Time Block Codes From Crossed-Product Algebras

It is known that the Alamouti code is the only complex orthogonal design (COD) which achieves capacity and that too for the case of two transmit and one receive antenna only. Damen et al. proposed a design for two transmit antennas, which achieves capacity for any number of receive antennas, calling the resulting space-time block code (STBC) when used with a signal set an information-lossless STBC. In this paper, using crossed-product central simple algebras, we construct STBCs for arbitrary number of transmit antennas over an a priori specified signal set. Alamouti code and quasi-orthogonal designs are the simplest special cases of our constructions. We obtain a condition under which these STBCs from crossed-product algebras are information-lossless. We give some classes of crossed-product algebras, from which the STBCs obtained are information-lossless and also of full rank. We present some simulation results for two, three, and four transmit antennas to show that our STBCs-perform better than some of the best known STBCs and also that these STBCs are approximately 1 dB away from the capacity of the channel with quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) symbols as input.