A Universal Killer? Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and the United Farm Workers' Pesticide Campaign

Sarah D. Wald is Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and English at the University of Oregon and the author of The Nature of California: Race, Citizenship, and Farming since the Dust Bowl. Wald, an interdisciplinary scholar of US literature and culture, holds a PhD in American Studies from Brown University. She focuses on the relationship between race and the environment with a particular interest in comparative approaches to Asian American and Latina/o Studies. She has published articles in Food, Culture, and Society, Western American Literature, and Díalogo. Her scholarship has appeared in Service Learning and Literary Studies in English, Asian American Literature and the Environment, American Studies, Ecocriticism, and Citizenship: Thinking and Acting in the Local and Global Commons, and The Grapes of Wrath: A Reconsideration.


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