Changes In Sexual Functioning And Mood Among Women Treated For Gynecological Cancer Who Receive Group Therapy: A Pilot Study

This study examined changes in sexual functioning and mood disturbance among women who have been treated for gynecological cancer and who participated in a 12-week group intervention for psychosexual problems. The Changes in Sexual Functioning Questionnaire (CSFQ) assessed the sexual functioning, and the Profile of Mood States (POMS) assessed the mood disturbance of 19 women at baseline who completed follow-ups conducted posttreatment and three-month posttreatment. The results showed that the women improved significantly in their CSFQ total scores after being provided with the group therapy intervention at the posttreatment assessment (p < .01), and a statistical trend (p < .10) suggested continued improvement in CSFQ total scores at the three months posttreatment follow-up. Women's POMS total mood disturbance scores improved significantly at the posttreatment assessment (p = .01), but did not show significant improvement at the 3-month posttreatment follow-up. These results suggest that this group intervention achieved its main goal in treating sexual dysfunction as well as mood disturbance, but these improvements dissipated over time and may require further intervention in order to be maintained.