Editors’ introduction: toward a spiritual revival

Journal of East-West Thought publishes three articles by Liu Yazhou as its special edition. Liu Yazhou’s articles address China’s history, culture and national character written over a time span of a decade. We publish them as an anthology at a time when Sino-US relations are at a crossroads. In the United States the preparations for the general election are gaining momentum and in China the sentiments are high in reasserting itself as a world power after years of keeping a low profile. While no one denies that the United States remains the only superpower in the world, people should also recognize and respect the fact that China has emerged as a new power, strong in economic and political influence in the world. However, it looks as though China and the United States are still learning how to cohabit in the global village while keeping their differences in beliefs and values, because oftentimes one country will be demonized by the other, sometimes with ulterior motives. Public figures of both countries at one time or another are guilty of such practices. Editors of this special edition believe such practice is unwarranted and unnecessary, because it is based on suspicion which in turn gives rise to distrust, hostility and finally hatred.