Apparel executives industry perceptions: implications for academia

The Los Angeles (LA) apparel industry represents the largest manufacturing employer in LA County, which makes it a prosperous combination of jobs and creativity. Los Angeles has been looked upon by other fashion cities as a place where a creative entrepreneurial spirit influences fashion trends throughout the world. However, the apparel industry is faced with many challenges.The study analyzes apparel manufacturer executives’ responses in relation to work force skills of apparel production managers and LA business trends. The research goal was to provide a general sense of business trends related to the apparel industry. Apparel executives discussed skills and training, education, employee promotion, employee motivation, technology use, employee turnover, strategic goals and perception of the industry’s future. These issues can be valuable to educators to refocus their curriculum to what has been expressed by apparel executives. The findings indicated that educational knowledge needed ablending of many disciplines. The education of future apparel managers need interdisciplinary courses to achieve future success. The findings can assist academicians with apparel curriculum development in understanding the interdisciplinary nature of the apparel industry.