Global training with the multi lingual web-based strategic management analysis model

The Multi Lingual Web-Based Business Strategic Management Analysis Model, which is available in Armenian, English, French, and Russian, consists of instructor and student software. A competitive industrial environment and customized business environment make this software unique. One of the aims of the software is to improve the skill and ability of decision makers in a dynamic business setting. The business setting is composed of up to ten companies producing two manufacturing goods, color and digital televisions, sold in three markets. Recently (in Spring 2002), this software was used as a vehicle to bring together business major students from a comprehensive California State University, Petrozavodsk State University (Russia), and State Engineering University of Armenia (Armenia). The software offered students an opportunity to communicate with their peers at the other geographical locations and acquaint themselves with other cultures. This article presents the major features of the software and a teaching method adapted to instruct students from three countries. The article also shares some experience gained in the cyber environment.