Spatial and temporal variations of sound in an Andean city: Cajamarca, Peru

This study provides a preliminary examination of the temporal and geographic variations of sound in Cajamarca, a provincial city in the Andes of northern Peru. Sound levels were sampled in four neighborhoods of the city each representing different land-use characteristics and hypothetically distinct environmental sound profiles. The sample sites included the central plaza, the business district, a residential neighborhood, and a small residential community on the urban periphery. Sound readings were taken each hour between 6 am and 12 pm on every day of the week. Sound profiles for each location for a weekday, a Saturday, and a Sunday are presented. Distinct decibel profiles emerge, both geographically and temporally. These changing sound patterns reflect the activities of the town's residents as they move between home, work, and social/recreational activities during the course of a week. Cajamarca's sound profiles are believed to be characteristic of other provincial cities throughout the Andean region.