California's community colleges success: what policy variables matter?

This study examines the effect the following differences has had on CCC cohort 6-year success rates: school composition (campus enrollment, full time student ratio); student demographics (age, economic disadvantage, race/ethnicity, & gender); and policy-alterable variables (% full-time faculty & California’s Educational Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS)). Also, we test for effects overall, and for variations that measure success for cohort variations which account for the students’ academic preparation and economic situation. As we are interested in the 6-year cohort completion rate, we utilize available data from five starting-year cohorts ranging from 2007-2011. The number of observations (N) is equal to 553. By applying a fixed-effects logistic regression, we allow for non-linear effects in which we correct for autocorrelation by applying the “xtregar” panel data regression analysis in order to unbiased our standard errors.