Journal Issue

Sonoma State University History Journal 2016/2017

Contents: Neanderthals in a Croatian Cave - Allison LeLaurin; Struggles of a Neolithic Egyptian - Danielle Tait; Buddhism in Early China - Karina Roche; Faithful Traditions - Xandy Novack; Redefined Heresy - Cindy Gonzalez; Iconographic Reactions: How Thor’s Hammer Was Influenced by the Christian Cross in Viking Age Scandinavia - Solina Larum; A History of Iberian Maritime Innovation - Jack Murphy; Change Is Good: How Native and Colonial Groups Responded to Adversity in California - Scott Steinberg; Exploring Japanese Colonial Legacy on South Korean Education - Frank Bae; The Rohingya Refugee Crisis - Patrick Fennell; The Language of Genocide - Janett Leetz; Photography and History - Emily Wendt; Myanmar Democratic Transition: Between the Military and the Civilian Government? - Martin Roy; “Infiltrators” of the Zionist Dream: Eritrean Refugees In Israel - Devin Ruddick; The River Boat Soldier - Leeann Tedrow; Language in Education: How Inequality in K-12 Education Impacts Higher Education - Susannah Littlewood; Where's my Pop Tart? How the Federal Government Changed the Cafeteria - Kristine Harbin; From Wholesome to Whoresome: The Moral of the Pop Princess Story - Gina Gacad; Contemporary Globalization and Computer-Mediated Communication - Bryce Williams