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The Stories We (Don't) Tell: Re-Writing Collective Memory & Identity

Maral Attallah, recipient of the 2013/2014 Humboldt State University Excellence in Teaching Award for faculty lecturer, presents "The Stories We (Don't) Tell: Re-writing Collective Memory and Identity." Attallah is a lecturer in the Department of Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her areas of specialization include genocide studies, race and ethnic relations, and identity politics. How do the stories we tell about ourselves help shape who we are and how others see us? What role does storytelling have in shaping history? When stories are valued they are seen as "authentic," and that presumed authenticity influences memory and identity. It is often the stories we don't hear, the ones we don't share or that are pushed to the margins, that could help us move towards empathic reconciliation in times of widespread empathic collapse. Through stories ranging from family traditions to civil rights struggles to the Armenian Genocide, Professor Attallah will address the power of telling our stories.