Journal issue

Sonoma State University NoGap / McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume 4 Issue 1: 2014

Contents: Mi Vida Loca: Chicano Film’s Role in Gender Socialization and Violence Among Mexican-American Females / Beatriz Alcazar -- Degradation of a Biofuel Crop by Alkaline-Tolerant Microbial Communities / Fujun Bernie -- Diversity Communities at Predominately White Institutions: Making Our Space an Inclusive Community (MOSAIC) at Sonoma State University / Carina Buzo -- U.S. Elections: A Closer Look at the Emergence of the Latino Electorate / Erica Cuevas -- Twentieth Century Literature Forms New Conceptions of the Self / Allison Enriquez -- Project Fit America: Neoga Middle School / Kelsi Espinoza -- An Analysis of Historical Memory and Spanish National Identity in Contemporary Spanish Literature and Culture / Salvador Garcia -- Sociophysiology of an All-Male Troop of Captive Squirrel Monkeys, Siamiri sciureus / Natalie Hambalek -- Examining the Mechanism of the Inhibition of Glutathione Peroxidase by Nitroxyl / Jason Hoki -- Is Social Capital Necessary for a Successful Healthcare System? / Devin McBrayer -- Similar Species, Different Origins: Competition Between a Native and Invasive Grassland Species / Stephanie Parreira -- Beating the Odds: Former Gang Members and Their Pursuit of a College Education / Hector Ruiz