Motives, facilitators and constraints of environmental management in the Caribbean accommodations sector

The Caribbean accommodations sector has embarked on a course of greening or instituting environmental management (EM). In order to further explore this EM movement, this study sought to examine motives, facilitators, and constraints to implementing EM based on diffusion of innovations theory. Data were collected through an online survey of 197 hotels in 19 countries. Two-thirds of the accommodations sector had implemented some level of EM from basic initiatives to certified environmental management systems. Descriptive and statistical analysis were employed to understand motives, facilitators, and constraints to implementing EM. Based on logistic analysis, a single motive item, internal green champion was significantly associated with level of environmental management implemented, while none of the facilitator items were statistically significant. However, several constraints such as lack of capital, potential benefits not apparent, no access to technology, lack of know-how, EM is not necessary and, lack of time were all predictors of EM. Based on the results, several recommendations were made to strengthen the greening efforts in the region.