Customer satisfaction with a center-based assistive technology service delivery model

This article summarizes the results of a survey of customer satisfaction with Techsploration Days, a community service of the Cal Poly Pomona Departmentof Teacher Education, that allows persons with disabilities and their families, as well as professionals working with them, to evaluate hardware and software aspart of their decision-making process toward possible purchase of assistive computer devices. Techsploration Days participants completed a survey on customer satisfaction and outcomes from Techsploration recommendations. Results indicated that Techsploration Days was generally positively received by the persons who used it, with the majority of participants using the recommendations to purchase hardware/software. For most participants, IEP objectives were written as a result of the Techsploration recommendations. The results of this study suggest that a university based AT service delivery model can meet the needs of its customers. Additional research is recommended to further explore the subject of customer satisfaction.