Comparing Brand Placements And Advertisements on Brand Recall and Recognition

Despite the popularity of brand placements in television programming, little is known about their effectiveness when they are used separately compared with when they are combined with television commercials. The current study confirmed that brand placements in television sitcoms elicit lower levels of recall than, but similar levels of recognition to, a 30-second advertisement during a commercial break in the show. The study suggests that the ability of consumers to remember specific brands might be enhanced by a combination of brand placements and television commercials. This can be explained by the beneficial synergy effects of using a mixture of promotional tactics. Management Slant • In this study, a brand placement was equally as effective as a 30-second commercial in eliciting brand recognition. • Participants' unaided recall was higher when they saw a 30-second commercial than when they watched a prominent brand placement. • A combination of brand placement with a 30-second commercial elicited unaided recall similar to that of two 30-second commercials. • Advertisers should consider utilizing less expensive brand placements if their objective is to increase brand recognition. • Advertisers can benefit from possible synergy effects when combining a brand placement with a 30-second commercial.