Spring 2003 Library User Survey: Summary Report

Methodology: A Web-based form was used to gather data about the quality of library collections, electronic resources, services, facilities, and “other” in an open-ended format. Respondents were asked to volunteer their affiliation (student, EXL student, faculty, staff, Friends member, non-CSUN) and from where they primarily access the library and/or its resources (outside, in-person, or combination). Optionally, respondents could list their names and email for follow-up purposes. The survey was available from March through May 2003. Surveys were received as individual emails and printed out. Each survey was read and comments were abstracted from each answer, with users having similar responses grouped together and counted. Then, each comment was judged positive, negative, or neutral in order to determine the overall tone of the response to each category and assign significance in terms of a simple percentage. Questions that were left blank by respondents were not counted since conclusions cannot be drawn from the lack of comment. Comments that would pertain to the area of responsibility for a particular supervisor or librarian are not specified in this report, but will be forwarded to the appropriate person(s). / Respondents: 162 surveys were returned, 12 were deemed unusable due to lack of response or obvious misuse of the form, for a total of 150 usable surveys. The majority, 59% (88), indicated that they access the library from both off-campus and in-person. Twenty percent (30) said that they mainly use the library in-person, 11% (17) did not indicate how they access the library, and 10% (15) indicated that they mainly access the library from off-campus. Sixty-four respondents included their name/email, which may provide contact information to form a focus group.