Fractional quantum Hall effect in topological flat bands with Chern number two

Recent theoretical works have demonstrated various robust Abelian and non-Abelian fractional topological phases in lattice models with topological flat bands carrying Chern number C=1. Here we study hard-core bosons and interacting fermions in a three-band triangular-lattice model with the lowest topological flat band of Chern number C=2. We find convincing numerical evidence of bosonic fractional quantum Hall effect at the ν=1/3 filling characterized by threefold quasidegeneracy of ground states on a torus, a fractional Chern number for each ground state, a robust spectrum gap, and a gap in quasihole excitation spectrum. We also observe numerical evidence of a robust fermionic fractional quantum Hall effect for spinless fermions at the ν=1/5 filling with short-range interactions.