The twilight of orthodoxy in New England

Preface: Some Terms Defined: The words infidelity, orthodoxy, and heterodoxy are of course subject to a number of definitions; in this book they are used essentially as the clergy of the late 1700's would use them. Infidelity is used as a term describing the offense of those men who denied the Trinity, the virgin birth and miracles. It does not necessarily become the equivalent of the term atheist. Orthodoxy is used broadly to designate those who continued to hold the fundamental doctrines of the Christian religion; secondarily, it is used to designate the New England Congregation clergy. Heterodoxy carries much the same meaning that has been assigned to infidelity. When the terms "reason" and "rational" are used to denote the attempt of the human mind to produce a theology without reference to special revelation, i.e., the Bible, they will be enclosed in quotation marks. This is the usage of contemporary theologians.