International Association of Maritime Universities students : Vietnam Maritime University, 26-29 October, 2016

A. . Technical Session AS-I: Vietnamese seafarer Training in the integration process of AEC / Nguyen Duc Anh -- The Current Situation of Japanese Sailor / Kenta Yamagiwa -- Threat to Maritime Security and Safety (Safety of Seafarers) / Subhasree Swagatika Mohanty, Inder Sharma -- How Polynesian navigation methods can enhance the safety of navigation in the merchant shipping industry nowadays / Marc Weis -- Maritime English-Importance and Improving methods / Tran Thi Bich Uyen -- The problems met during different procedures on board / Cismaș Leonard-Cătălin -- B. Technical Session BS-I: Thermodynamic Discussion of Various Materials Modified by Friction Reforming for Adapting to Marine Environment / Kiriko Owada -- Study- Calculate and Simulate the process of soot electronic charging in electrostatic filter used to treat marine engine exhaust gases / Pham Trung Nam, Lưu Minh Tan, Bui Van Hiep, Nguyen Huu Thu -- The SWOT Analysis of HNS Convention Implementation / Valeri Baladze, Zurab Bezhanovi, Irakli Sharabidze, Luiza Sikharulidze -- LNG ships equipped with reliquefaction plant / Luka Jusić -- Solar powered charging station / Duong Nguyen Duc, Tung Nguyen Xuan, Dong Pham Van, Anh Pham Tuan -- Energy Efficiency in Maritime Transport / Subhasree Swagatika Mohanty, Subham Kapoor -- C. Technical Session AS-II: The Analysis of Top Factors of Vessel Grounding Prevention / Mirian Shavishvili, Zurab Bezhanovi, Luiza Sikharulidze -- Investigating the relationship between nuclear disaster and marine transportation / Moe Tauchi -- The analysis of decision making process in typical navigational situations- standards of psychological education in maritime transport / Marta Wojtczak, Aleksandra Góralczyk -- Assessment and maneuvering in overtaking situations / Nedko Dimitrov, Desislava Petrova Nacheva -- New trends in high-speed shipbuilding technology / Abdelrahman Yassen, Islam Morsy, Shady Mohamed -- D. Technical Session BS-II: How to reduce stress in noisy engine room environments / Moeko Sakai -- Promising Method for Bilge Water Treatment / Davit Tchumburidze, Zaza Shubladze, Vazha Sikharulidze -- Influence of SCR and water emulgator on the air pollution of two-stroke ship engine (SOx & NOx emissions) / Darko Glujić -- The Prospect of Hybrid power systems in the maritime transport / Shota Ivaniadze, Maia Tugushi -- E. Technical Session AS-III: Assessing the customers' satisfactory toward quality of services / Pham Ngoc Linh -- Advantage of Quadcopters usage on vessel / Avtandil Tsitskishvili, Givi Tsitskishvili, Natia Dolidze -- Evaluating the State Management of Maritime Domain in Haiphong Seaports Area / Luong Cong Huy -- Relevance, Effectiveness and Further Improvements of the Integrated Simulator Training Programs at the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / Andre Chad Acosta -- The effect of playing video games on student achievement among school students / Oparanozie Princewill -- F. Technical Session BS-III: Over-reliance on GPS with a focus on seafarers' incompetence in celestial navigation and its tragic results / Przemysław Dudzik, Natalia Jarosik -- Team Work Nguyen / Le Kim Phuc -- Study on the Long-term Variability of the Kuroshio Extension / Mao Aoki -- Status, Problems and Prospects of the Integrated Simulator Training Program of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific / Junel Christine Semaña, Andre Chad Acosta -- The Analytical Review of Collision Causing Factors and their Prevention / Besik Chkhikvadze, Zurab Bezhanovi, Luiza Sikharulidze.