Youth rise project

"Youth Rise Project", is a grant proposal that will use the 2020 Youth Reinvestment Grant funds to fund a proposed community-based program in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. The grant obtains the following headings: project need, project description, organizational capacity, and data collection/ evaluation.Youth in the Northeast San Fernando Valley face risk factors that put them at risk from becoming systems impacted. Systems impacted is defined as anyone who is formerly incarcerated, has been arrested or has a conviction without incarceration and anyone who has been directly impacted by someone they know being incarcerated.The goal of this proposed program is to change the status quo of youth incarceration and introduce a more holistic and humane approach to helping youth. Upon obtaining funds from the 2020 Youth Reinvestment Grant, there will be an increase of services to underserved youth of color in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. This program will focus on providing youth with intensive wraparound services such as therapy, case management, mentorship, peer support, and education. By providing more individualized direct services to youth and their families, we hope to see a reduction of youth who are systems impacted.