A job search program for post 9/11 veteran

The United States military structures its employment practices with the intent of ensuring that the majority of its members are young and physically capable of performing strenuous and often dangerous work. As a result, it has a very high employee turnover rate with the majority of its members leaving active duty within ten years or less from when they first joined the military. This program, in the form of a job search workshop, has been developed to address the needs of veterans who have left the military since the events of 9/11 and who wish to find part or full-time employment in the civilian labor force. It describes the particular characteristics, goals and challenges of military veterans in career transition and the developmental issues that may hinder this transition. The program draws upon appropriate career counseling, self-efficacy, and positive psychology theory in the formulation of the client population's potential career related challenges and the development of effective interventions for helping them to realize their career goals. This project describes the job search workshop sessions and provides examples of session handouts and lists of online job search and career development resources.