Hidden in plain sight: a historic context and survey of hollow clay tile residences in Sacramento

Most hollow clay tile residential buildings have stucco or brick veneer, rendering them undiscernible from frame construction. Most of these buildings can only be located through Sanborn Maps, and recording the surviving residences will aid the City Planning Department in future development that may involve these properties. Primary and secondary sources consulted include: books, journal articles, advertisements, promotional handbooks, thesis project, U.S. Census records, maps, County of Sacramento Assessor records, City of Sacramento online Record Library, National Park Service online National Register Bulletins, Sacramento Bee and Sacramento Union newspaper articles, Sacramento City and County Directories, and Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps. Local resource repositories visited include the Sacramento Room of the Sacramento City Library, the California Room of the California State Library, and the Center for Sacramento History. Documenting the remaining hollow clay tile residences can help preserve this unique building type that is a reflection of Sacramento’s manufacturing past.