Astrology and marital compatibility: a pilot study

The purpose of this study has been to evaluate astrology as a predictor of marital compatibility. It is anticipated that the results will be useful in assessing the value of astrology as a tool in marriage counseling. Because of limitations due to time and the availability of subjects, only ten couples were studied. Two members of the research team administered a marriage compatibility test to all ten couples. The third member of the team delineated astrological charts on the same couples. This researcher and the two researchers who administered the tests were blind with respect to which couple was associated with a particular astrological or test profile. The two areas of research were conducted independently of each other. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the results of both methods of assessing compatibility were conducted. These consisted of examining of clinical and astrological evaluation of each couple, rank ordering them .in terms of compatibility, testing the rank orders using Spearman's rho, and matching the couples using the clinical and astrological evaluations and the raw test scores. The rank order correlation coefficient, 'which tested the relationship between orders obtained by astrological means and test scores, was .53, which is not significant at the .05 level. The results of matching astrological and clinical evaluations were, however, highly significant. The team member who prepared the astrological evaluations correctly matched five of the ten pairs of evaluations. The other two team members, working together, correctly matched eight of the ten pairs, The probability of obtaining these results by chance were less than .002 and .000015, respectively. These results indicate that astrology may play an important role in counseling and psychotherapy. The possibilitie~ and limitations must be investigated in depth, and the results of this study are sufficiently compelling to justify the allocation of resources to further scientific investigation in this area.