Graduate project

A survey of teachers of the deaf and how they view staff development

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the form and content of staff development programs among selected day and residential programs for the deaf and, based upon teacher perceptions of those programs to develop recommendations for the improvement of such programs. A questionnaire of twenty-one items was developed, field tested, and then administered to sixty people in deaf education in six different programs throughout the United States. Within the six different programs, two were day programs and four were residential programs. A 60% return rate was obtained with 65% from day programs and 58% from residential programs. The conclusions drawn from this study were: (1) If professionals working with the deaf have higher levels of training and experience their personal and professional needs in relation to staff development will have to be more sophisticated, (2) with or without in-school staff development committees, teachers of the deaf presently have limited input into the total scope and design of staff development, (3) there is a need through staff development for updating professional skills, techniques, and knowledge, (4) respondents in this study have a minimal number of workshops offered, (5) the method of delivery and format of staff development is limited to basically in-school personnel and outside consultants, and (6) there is limited evidence from the results of the survey that systems are presently able to offer comprehensive and cooperative approaches to staff development for professionals in the field of deaf education.

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