Silent minority : influences on Asian-American women's HIV testing, attitudes, and concerns

The CDC estimates that Asian Americans make up 2% of the HIV-positive population in the US, with Asian-American women accounting for 16% of that population. Research indicates that new infections among Asian Americans are growing significantly. This study explores Asian-American women’s concerns, attitudes, as well as their frequency of HIV testing using an online survey. Eighty-eight Asian-American women responded to the online survey. The data shows a dramatic increase in Asian-American women getting tested for HIV (49.4%). Participants report little concern around HIV (M = 3.62, SD = 1.04), and an overall positive attitude towards HIV (M = 4.07, SD = .58). However, there is a statistically significant correlation with age, education, ethnicity, and HIV testing. Data analysis revealed that older, highly educated, and multi-racial Asian-American women are more likely to get tested for HIV. Despite the dramatic increase in testing and positive attitudes, the results point to a need for more outreach programs to Asian- American population.