Reading interventions for English language learners

The purpose of this study was to explore effective ways of helping English Language Learners develop literacy skills in English. The study analyzed effective reading interventions for transitioning students from Spanish Reading to English Reading in a bilingual program. "Transferability" was studied to determine ifthe use of this pedagogy was an appropriate intervention for transitioning students from Spanish Reading to English Reading. One teacher and 13 third grade students (8 -9 years old) participated in this mixed methods study. The treatment group of students in the study consisted of seven third grade students receiving primary language instruction as well as a systematic instructional intervention in English reading. The comparison group consisted of six third grade students emolled in a Structured English Immersion classroom who received all instruction in English without a systematic instructional intervention. The study took place during the course of six months from September 2009 to March 2010, resulting in a comparison of assessment results and interviews. Results indicate that a systematic instructional intervention using ''transferability" pedagogy can be beneficial to English Language Learners learning to read in English. The results have significant implications for teaching English Language Learners to read in a second language. The study contributes to the field of research addressing the needs of English Language Learners in the area of second language literacy. Keywords: Literacy Education, English Language Proficiency, Reading Interventions, Bilingual Education, Transitional Programs