Babylon Art Gallery a feasibility study

In today’s world, most art galleries are unique in their modern design demonstrating the shopping experience through the artists’ tastes. Most artists and gallery owners are refined collectors themselves contributing their influence on the growing cultural tourism movement. Their impact represents different cultures, social events, and the arts. Customers appreciate the diversity and are excited to learn about the lives of the artists and their cultural influences. This feasibility study investigates a business idea of opening an art gallery, Babylon Art Gallery, in downtown Turlock, California for all people who love the arts. Visitors will be offered opportunities to meet Sargon Barkhosir, the artist. The atmosphere is unique and welcoming, where guests will enjoy art in the gallery with the aroma of fresh made tea and Assyrian pastries. The visitors will also learn about Assyrian culture and history from the artist. The purpose of this project is to complete a feasibility study for such a business idea. Through research done and all tests conducted in this feasibility study, it shows this business idea is both profitable and practical.