Outpatient physical therapy for a patient with hip osteoarthritis

A patient with hip osteoarthritis was seen for physical therapy treatment for sixteen visits from June 13 to August 11, 2014 at an outpatient clinic under the supervision of a licensed physical therapist. The patient was evaluated at the initial encounter with strength and range of motion measures, Berg Balance Scale, Dynamic Gait Index, 10 meter walk test, and 6 minute walk test, and a plan of care was established. Main goals for the patient were achieving functional community ambulation with decreased hip symptoms and increased balance. Main interventions used were exercise therapy, manual therapy, and gait training. The patient achieved the following goals: increased lower extremity strength, increased hip extension range of motion, decreased pain when walking, increased endurance, increased gait speed, and improved balance. The patient was discharged with a home exercise program after completion of physical therapy intervention.