Collaboration and support needed from special education teachers to general education teachers

The purpose of this study was to survey general education teachers' perceived needs with regard to the level of support the special education teacher should provide students eligible for special education in the general education classroom. An author-created survey asked participants to give opinions on many issues from lesson plan collaboration to assignment accommodations and modifications. The general education teachers were asked about their preferences and confidence in their abilities to educate students with special needs. A total of 40 general education teachers from four elementary schools in the Oceanside Unified School District responded to the survey. Results found that almost all general education teachers wanted the special education teacher to discuss the IEP, behavior issues, and learning difficulties. The participants requested help with modifying assignments and providing appropriate interventions. Classroom needs included the need to communicate and collaborate and the time to communicate and collaborate. Recommendations were made as to what special education teachers could do to promote healthy classroom environments for the included students eligible for special education. Recommendations for the school site administrators also are included. Further research suggestions are offered. Key words: Collaboration, special education, general education support, mainstreaming, inclusion