The most effective component of a teacher induction program

This study researched the different components of the Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) program to determine how this induction program affects the retention of newly hired teachers. This California teacher induction program has three main components: workshops, mentoring, and a portfolio. This research studied the effects of the three basic components of BTSA by distributing a descriptive survey to teachers who have completed the BTSA program. Additionally, the literature review analyzed the need for educational induction programs based on the high rate of teachers who leave the profession in their first five years of teaching. The findings from this study suggest the mentoring component of the BTSA program was the most beneficial. Teachers expressed the importance ofhaving a mentor who was at the same school site and grade level to provide meaningful support. The data also revealed the written portfolio was the least important component ofBTSA. The majority ofteachers felt their time could have been better spent working with their mentor and observing others teach. Lastly, most of the teachers who completed the survey plan on teaching for the rest of their career. This indicated BTSA has potential as a successful retention program. Key Words: *Beginning Teacher Induction; *Teacher Attrition;* Mentors; *Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment; *Teacher Retention