Mindfulness for Teachers and Students

This project considers the influence a classroom-based mindfulness practice has on teacher resilience, along with teacher and student stress levels and productivity. In the United States and abroad, mindfulness is increasingly gaining support and popularity as a way to build what Patricia Jennings (2015) refers to as “cognitive and emotional skills that cultivate inner strength, resilience, a sense of purpose, and the capacity for continuous learning and flexible adaptation in the face of change and life’s challenges” (p. 4). The use of mindful techniques in the classroom can lead to increased teacher resilience and has a positive effect on the overall classroom climate as indicated by teacher and student reports. Given this context, the product of this project, the Mindfulness for Teachers and Students 6-page laminated trifold, was created as an easily accessible resource to guide teachers and students through mindfulness activities for use in the classroom as well as in their personal lives.