Urbanism: the ancient cities of the Peruvian north coast

This film traces the development of urbanism through time in various archeological sites in the Moche Valley on the North Coast of Peru. The film also attempts to show how ecological factors such as rich marine resources, irrigation, and various patterns of land use contributed to urban development. The film draws heavily on the recent research done by the Chan Chan - Moche Valley Project (1969-1974) directed by Dr. Carol J. Mackey of California State University, Northridge, and Dr. Michael E. Moseley of Harvard University. The Moche Valley provides a unique opportunity to present a visual record of the development of urbanism since it contains well-preserved archeological sites from the early hunters and gatherers (10,000 B.C.) to the ancient metropolitan center of Chan Chan, the capital of the Kingdom of Chimor and the center of an empire that stretched over 1,000 kilometers along the desert coast of Peru. In particular, this film focuses on Andean manifestations of certain urban traits such as dense nucleated populations, social stratification, craft specializationr management of labor resources and monumental architecture, and traces their development through each of the major time periods in the Peruvian North Coast chronological sequence.