Graduate project

Literacy Integration in the Visual Arts: A Resource Collection to Support Educators in Teaching Textual and Multimodal Literacy

When California published a new set of Visual and Performing Arts standards in 2019, art teachers were tasked with reexamining their current practices, and to consider ways in which students could broaden their understanding of the arts as a whole. The purpose of this project is to provide visual arts teachers the support necessary to address these new standards through the lens of textual and multimodal literacy skills. In addition to a sample unit that can be used in a secondary setting, this collection of resources includes teaching and planning tools to direct visual art teachers in the development of future lessons. The research conducted to guide the creation of these resources includes an examination of arts integration, a review of content literacy, an overview of textual and multimodal literacy in the visual arts room, and how literacy in the arts can support the development of specialized populations. This project serves as a small contribution towards the larger goal of producing more research and resources for arts educators who are interested in incorporating literacy-based tasks into their curriculums.

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