Schools and migrant families: the fundamentals for creating a culture of continuous improvement

The purpose of the study was to investigate how the policies and practices of one school located in North San Diego County support migrant students' academic success. The researcher used was a purposeful sampling study. The objective of the study was not to oversimplify a population, but to develop an in-depth exploration of central themes. To understand those themes the researcher intentionally selected the participants and sites. The findings indicate the school principal, Migrant Program coordinator and migrant parents are making an effort to assist and communicate with one another. The participants are aware of each others strengths and needs. But due to regular school hours, a language barrier, and the lifestyle of migrant parents, it is not possible for all three participants to meet at the same time and place, to address the challenges facing the school, students and migrant parents. Keywords: Migrant families Migrant students Migrant parent participation Migrant families and illiteracy Migrant education Cultural proficiency