Masters Thesis

Smart Automatic Control Lighting System (sacls) Using Microcontroller

This paper brings forth a smart automatic lighting system (SALS) by expatiating on designing theories together with implementation approaches. This system was designed to realize the goal of cutting down the amounts of electricity usage in people’s daily life. The main enhancement deals with controlling lights that depend on current light intensity inside room and human existence for the purpose of gaining the optimal efficiency of power saving. In respect of automatic control technology, this paper segregates the central control unit into five modules: automatic control module, PIR detection module, lighting intensity detection module, modes switching module, and LCD 1602 display module. System takes AT89S51, a typical 51-type microcontroller as its controlling core. AT89S51 performs the function of turning on/off the lighting unit by receiving the signals from PIR sensor as well as lighting intensity sensor. This paper covers the hardware design together with its corresponding software application on each module, including electronic circuits and software codes. On simulation modeling stage, I have put to use software of Proteus and Keil C51 for realizing all of the fundamental actions of this system on screen. This testing processing aims at making sure that all design structures and circuits are correct and reasonable.


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