Graduate project

Survey of services available for deaf and hearing impaired in rural/remote areas

Communication is the greatest problem of the deaf and significantly hearing-impaired. Deaf and hearing-impaired persons feel that many services and benefits that governmental agencies offer are not accessible to the deaf and hearing-impaired because of their communication problems. For purposes of this study, a deaf person is one whose hearing is disabled to an extent that precludes the understanding of speech through the ear alone, with or without the use of a hearing aid. I) A person with a hearing impairment is one with a significant deviation from normal hearing. 2) "Hearing impairment" will not refer to all types of hearing defects, because persons with only a slight hearing loss do not generally need the same services and experience the same serious communication problems in daily living as do deaf persons or persons with a significant hearing loss. The focus of this study is on the needs and problems of the deaf and the significantly hearing impaired.