Gifted girls: self-esteem, acheivement, and expectations of middle school students

The purpose of this action research study was to understand the motivational factors behind gifted female student success. This study will examine issues, such as: self-concept, career choices, educational achievements and influences, and parental involvement in grades 6, 7, 8. There were a total of 79 participants who partook in a questionnaire in which their answers were compared to look for patterns of similarities and differences amongst the grade levels. The findings support the related research. The findings revealed that as girls progressed through school their self-esteem and self-awareness began to drop. Instead of grades and school being their top priority, as in sixth grade, popularity and appearances became the top priority in grades seven and eight. Parental involvement was a key factor in student success. Recommendations included expanding the research to other middle schools in the district, and developing a plan to help gifted female students to be successful in school. Key-words: gifted females, middle school, self-esteem, achievement, gender roles