Virtual Reality enhanced user experience for scientific data collection using Mobile Device

The use of Smartphones and its complementary technologies like wearable devices have gained immense momentum over the decade, which has led to their vast amount of use in various daily activities. On top of that, the new technologies plus their various add-ons take the scope of simple mobile apps to a new level. Taking that into consideration, this project creates an effective Virtual Reality (VR) enhanced Android smartphone application that collects data of Monarch butterfly species in the southern California area. This app provides two types of in-app surveys, with which users can submit detailed information about their observations of these butterfly species. The collected data will help researchers in their pursuit of finding the reasons behind the constant depletion of the Monarch butterfly species. While an existing website contains the same surveys to help collect Monarch butterfly data, the mobile app developed in this project complements the website by providing an in-app GPS-coordinates-collection feature and a VR feature to enhance user experience. With the in-app VR feature, users can get a unique and vivid experience of observing the Monarch butterflies in an exuberant environment. The project serves two purposes. First, overcoming the shortcomings of the existing website. Second, providing users a hint of Virtual Reality world. With this app, a huge leap has been taken in stepping in the world of Virtual Reality, which enhances the user interaction with the app by many folds.